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2024 SSG. Kyle McKee Memorial Ruck

The 2024 SSG. Kyle McKee Memorial Ruck was held in Leroy, Ohio honoring local hero Kyle McKee who tragically lost his life during a peacekeeping mission in Egypt in 2020. This event took place at Leroy Softball fields & Hidden Lake, bringing together participants to commemorate Kyle's Legacy.

The main event was a 10K Smoker. It challenged participants with a grueling 1-mile loop featuring exercise stations totaling over 1000 reps. Competitors in the 10K Smoker were required to carry 30 pounds (for those over 150 lbs) or 20 lbs (for those under 1501bs) throughout the course. Additionally, participants had the option to engage in the 10K friendly, which included completing the exercise stations and carrying weight as part of the challenge. 

Jordan Tague achieved a remarkable feat during the event, setting a new course record for the 10K Smoker with a finishing time of 1 hour and 59 minutes, highlighting the endurance and determination of the participants. 

In a heartwarming gesture, the event raised a total of $5,649 in donations, which was dedicated to The SubZero Mission in Kyle McKee's honor. This charitable contribution underscores the community's commitment to remembering Kyle and supporting a meaningful cause in his name.

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